How Do I Repair My Car When I’m Broke?

Car breakdowns are an unwelcome surprise, often leaving us stranded and stressed. Enter auto repairfinancing – your ticket to a smoother ride through unexpected repair expenses. Auto repair financing options like Synchrony or EasyPay can be a financial lifesaver. They allow you torepair your vehicle without draining your bank account in one go. These options […]

Types of Brakes

Hey there! This article is all about finding super-duper brakes for your car that work really welland keep you safe while driving. We want you to have the best brakes possible to stop your carfast and avoid any accidents. First off, good brakes are essential because they help you stop your car when you need […]

Keys and Fobs

How do I get a new key and or a new fob for my vehicle? This is a great question. Fortunately, we have the tools and equipment to take care of you. Our new state-of-the-art Triton key-cutting equipment and our Auto Pro Pad G2 programming tool will assure that we get you taken care of […]

Do I Need to Take My EV or Hybrid to the Dealer?

Do I need to take my EV or Hybrid to the Dealer? The idea that only the new car dealer can work on a Hybrid or EV vehicle is a very misunderstood concept. While these newer types of vehicles do require special knowledge and tools, some independent shops will be up for the task to […]

Why Won’t My Car Start?

We hate to keep using the term “Back in the day” but, we definitely don’t see batteries lasting as long as they used to. Especially in the fall months, once the weather starts getting cold, if a battery is weak your car or truck will become sluggish to crank over. Most battery manufacturers will only […]

Why Are Car Parts So Expensive?

We have seen a huge increase in parts costs over the last year or so. The availability of parts has also gotten a lot worse. When we look at the why we see several different reasons. When many of the world governments shut down their countries due to the covid pandemic there were no factories […]

Why Are Car Repairs So Expensive?

This is a tough one to explain especially since I have been part of the problem for years. The problem you ask? For several years now there has been a massive shortage of auto mechanics. They have been leaving this field in droves. When we dive into the cause we find the answer. Back in […]

What Are BG Products?

BG EPR® Engine Performance Restoration® is a powerhouse of an engine cleaner! It effectively softens, emulsifiers, and dissolves even the most stubborn fuel gums that clog piston rings. Engines are operating at higher temperatures than ever before. Combined with prolonged oil change intervals and reduced engine cooling, engine oil is under a lot of stress. […]

Why Are People Stealing Catalytic Converters?

Chances are that you know, or have at least heard about, someone who heads out to their car, starts driving and it’s sounding like a Nascar, but feels like it’s towing a brontosaurus on a skateboard. What happened? There’s a pretty good chance that your catalytic converter is gone. As in stolen. Yes, someone pilfered the platinum, ripped […]

Why Do My Brakes Squeak?

When doing auto repair and especially brake repair we get asked many questions. The most asked question has got to be “Why do my brakes squeak”?.  There are a few things that can cause this to happen. The most common is the brake pad material. There are several different materials for brake pads. As your […]