Why Won't My Car Start?

Why Won’t My Car Start?

We hate to keep using the term "Back in the day" but, we definitely don't see batteries lasting as long as they used to. Especially in the fall months, once the weather starts getting cold, if a battery is weak your car or truck will become sluggish to crank over. Most battery manufacturers will only warranty batteries for 30-40 months. Back in the day, a good-quality battery would carry a pro-rated warranty for up to 84 months. Nowadays with all the electronics that your vehicle is running 40 months is a long time for a battery to last. A couple of helpful tips to keep you from having to get a jump start or a tow this fall. Check the production date on your battery, usually a small round sticker. If it is over 3 years old you might want to have it tested. Another tip, if the battery has fluid leaking out of it or if the terminals look like a chia pet, it might be time for a new battery.

Written by Precision Automotive of Utah