What is FacePay and Why Are We Using It?

What is FacePay and Why Are We Using It?

FacePay is a secure bank-to-bank payment method like a check or a debit card, but modern and secure. Contactless and convenient is the new normal, You pay your invoice in seconds, anytime, while keeping banking details safe and private.

When you use FacePay, you help us succeed as a small business. There are no added fees for you or for us. FacePay uses the same bank technology as Venmo and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Your information is secured thru blockchain encryption. It doesn't get better than that. FacePay's information security is better than anything on the market because of its blockchain encryption, and to transfer your funds, it uses the same technology.

Modernization means more security. Don't give out your bank card details. FacePay security locks up your banking information so it will never see the light of day.

Sign-up should take less than 60 seconds. A laundry list of personal information is not needed for this payment platform. Create a password and connect with your online bank login info. (Encryption security! Don't worry!) You are now using the most cutting-edge payment option and supporting a local small business.

We appreciate you! There is not a single payment processor available on the market to provide businesses with ZERO transaction fees. Please help us take advantage of this opportunity.

Written by Precision Automotive of Utah