Do I Need to Take My EV or Hybrid to the Dealer?

Do I Need to Take My EV or Hybrid to the Dealer?

Do I need to take my EV or Hybrid to the Dealer? The idea that only the new car dealer can work on a Hybrid or EV vehicle is a very misunderstood

concept. While these newer types of vehicles do require special knowledge and tools, some independent shops will be up for the task to service and

maintain them. Rarely do these vehicles actually break down but they do still need maintenance. Here at Precision Automotive we have tooled up and

have the equipment to perform maintenance including tires, alignments, coolant service, brakes and brake fluid servicing, suspension, shocks and struts

steering components, air conditioning, and a whole lot more. Being a one-stop auto repair shop we feel that the shops that aren't adding Hybrid and Electric

Vehicles to their line of repairs are doing a disservice to the consumer. Please give us a call or stop by if you have any questions and these types of vehicle.

Written by Precision Automotive of Utah